The “Kolonial Korps” faction expansion features a
 whole new faction for your future games 
of Isles of Terror. 
The “Kolonial Korps” faction comes with its own player
board, strategy cards, tokens and all the wooden 
components you need to represent your captain, 
soldiers, camps and ship.


With this expansion you can either vary your regular
 games by adding a new faction to choose from,
 or expand your games by one player. This means
 that you will be able to play Isles of Terror as a
cooperative or competitive 5 player game.
 If you also have the “Wokou” faction expansion,
 you may even expand your games to 6 players.


As an additional expansion you can also get the 
“Kolonial Korps Miniatures Pack” and exchange the wooden
 components herein with plastic miniatures.


15,00 €Price
  • The Isles of Terror base game is required for play.

    • 1 Double-sided Player Board
    • 1 Faction Card
    • 2x 7 Strategy Cards (EN & DE)
    • 2x 2 Event Cards (EN & DE)
    • 2x 1 Mission Card (EN & DE)
    • 20 Resource Tokens
    • 6 Action & Success Tokens
    • 23 Wooden Components
    • 1 Cotton Bag