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  • What happens when there´s a tie?
    In this case no apprentice was able to cast the best spell and no one will win this match nor gain the magic crystal.
  • What happens when the ark is empty?
    In this case the first soldier that performs an attack on the ark immediately enters it. This is explained on page 14 of the rulebook.
  • Do I get to roll for Paragon at the end of my own turn?
    Yes! As explained you get to roll for Paragon at the end of EACH turn that you control the ark.
  • Do I get to roll for Paragon when I destroy a soldier in a warhost?
    Yes, absolutely. Each time you destroy any soldier you get to roll for Paragon.
  • Is there an order in which to perform actions like placing a koala, rolling or re-rolling dice, use card effects, etc.?"
    Except for rolling the dice (which must always be done at the beginning of a turn), there is no specific order to perform any other actions. So you can place koalas, re-roll dice, and make use of card effects at any time after your first dice roll and for the duration of your turn.
  • Do spear dice results that have been used to activate effects still count to the total number of spears when hunting for animals?
    Unfortunately no. Spear dice results that have been used to activate card effects are already used up and cannot be used again for hunting animals.
  • Which effects can the Roleplaybear copy and how do I activate them?
    The Roleplaybear can copy any card effect of another villagebear. It cannot be used to copy dice results or anything else than card effects of villagebears. Activating the Roleplaybear already triggers the copied effect so you will not need to activate the copied effeect again.
  • When I activate the Kute Koala, can another player use Protectbears against me and may I ignore effects that would normally be applied to me like the Streetfightbear?"
    No, the Kute Koala only protects against being targeted by a card effect. Playing Protectbears against an action you make does not count as targeting you. The same is true for other effects that do not directly name you as a target.
  • Can Koala King effects be blocked?
    Yes, Koala King effects count as card effects just like any other effects and may be blocked the same way when they target another player.
  • What happens when my hand card limit becomes adjusted off-turn?
    Nothing. You do not have to discard or draw-up cards. You will keep your current cards since the hand card limit is only important at the end of a player´s turn and at no other time.
  • Can a Protectbear be used to prevent a koala from being removed by a skull dice result?
    Actually no, it can just be used against card effects and dice effects and not when a koala is removed because a skull has been assigned to it.
  • Does the effect of the Streetfightbear apply to all players?
    The effect of the Streetfightbear does affect all players, also the one that played the Streetfightbear.
  • Does the Beerbrewbear also affect koala kings?
    No, the Beerbrewbear only affects koalas and koala kings do not count as koalas.
  • How can I get rid of the Poltbeargeist?
    The Poltbeargeist is treated like any other koala in a tribe. It can be removed by using card effects that swap koalas or removes them, etc.. You can also assign a skull symbol to it.
  • How can I remove the Quarterbear and the Cheerleadbear to gain their extra effect?
    If you possess both, the Quarterbear and the Cheerleadbar, within your tribe you may simply remove them during your turn and put them on the discard pile. This will trigger their extra effect of providing a complete additional turn for the same player after their current one.
  • Can I use the Graverobbear effect with a backstabbear card?
    No, you can only use the effect on koala cards that are allowed to be placed in a tribe and backstabbears are not placed in a tribe. An exception to this would be the Poltbeargeist, but we guess no one voluntarily wants to place it in their own tribe...
  • How do I apply the effect of the Cybearpunk?
    When activating the Cyberpunk you may use an effect of a koala card of another player`s hand card. You can simply choose the card effect of a hand card of the affected player and use it. The used card that provides the effect is not discarded and remains part of the player`s hand cards. BUT if you choose an effect that requires the card it belongs to to be placed or discarded in some way, you will need to do that (e.g. Streetfightbear, Bomber, Poltbeargeist).
  • How many cards do I draw for the Bearcycler when I draw back up to my hand card limit?
    You would need to draw one card at a time and a second for the Bearcycler. Decide which card you want to keep then place the discarded card back on top of the draw pile. Repeat this process for each card you have to draw (each subsequent draw will include the previous discarded card).
  • How does the Abracadabear work?
    While it should be clear in the English version, we have had an issue in the German version where the word “other” is missing. It says “any tribe” instead of “any other tribe”. So actually you only place a koala card of any OTHER tribe underneath it.
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