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FLAUTZ! bundle for a total of 15€ including worldwide shipping. For every game we sell, we will donate 5€ to help Ukrainian refugees.



Hi everyone,


These are very tough times and it’s hard to conceive the most appropriate way to start this news. All Voodoo Games’ staff are deeply shocked by the current events in Ukraine. None of us would have ever believed such an unconscionable act would even be possible in the 21st century. We are all totally speechless, outraged and terribly sad. But we are not helpless!


In the past week, we have taken initiative and discussed with our landlord the possibility of converting our current warehouse space into a safe shelter for Ukrainian refugees.  Our warehouse space is essentially a basement apartment in the house André lives in, which had previously been used as a regular apartment until building authorities shut it down several years ago.  They have given their approval for it to be opened as an apartment again, so there’s a whole 80m² living space that will soon be available for several refugees!


We have already started to clean out the apartment by moving all our inventory and physical assets to private spaces, but we simply don’t have space to maintain our stock long term.  This mainly effects a whole pallet of our game FLAUTZ! and another pallet with lots of French Karnivore Koalas.


But how does this relate to you and why are we asking for your help?


Well, we have decided to donate the remaining stock of French Karnivore Koalas to a charitable organization in France that works to helps children in need.  But we would like to try our best to raise some money for Ukrainian aid organizations. In this way we could solve our excess stock issues, whilst also being able to donate some additional money on behalf of Voodoo Games to Ukrainian aid.


If you want to help us help Ukrainian refugees in these terrible times, here’s a simple way to do so:


Starting today, we will offer a complete FLAUTZ! bundle including the base game and the two mini expansions for a total of 15€ including worldwide shipping.

For every game we sell, we will donate 5€ to the following aid organization:


Deutsches Rotes Kreuz e.V

Bank für Sozialwirtschaft
IBAN DE63 3702 0500 0005 0233 07
Subject: Nothilfe Ukraine



We really hope that we can put the remaining games to good use and raise some more money to help those in need. Let us stand together against war and terror!


Your help would be greatly appreciated and even though you might not want to take advantage of this offer, please consider if there’s anything else you can do to help out!  There are lots of other great help organizations and you are not forced to donate money - you can also offer donations in kind.


Thank you so much!


Our thoughts are with the people of Ukraine and all the innocent people affected by this war!



Exchange the right spells, summon magical creatures and win the secret contest of the wizards’ apprentices - the FLAUTZ!


As a panicking apprentice 2-10 players attempt to get hold of appropriate scrolls to summon their familiars.


Through exchanging cards in hand with spell cards in the center of the table, players gather either spell cards of the same color with consecutive values or spell cards of different colors with the same value.


The purpose is to have the highest rated spell with the most summoned familiars by the end of the last game round. A so called FLAUTZ! promises the best chance of winning a match and may end it prematurely.


In the end, the winner of the competition is the player with the most points or the most magic crystals, depending on the mode of play.


Play Modes: Competitive

Complexity: Easy

Available Languages: English, German, French, Italian, Spanish

Mechanisms: Hand Management, Card Selection & Exchange

Features: Color Vision Deficiency Friendly, 2 Game Modes and adjustable game duration, Easy to Grasp Rules, Quick Setup, perfect game for the whole family











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