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1 - 4


60-90 min





In Knight Tales, 1-4 players stand against hordes of monsters and must cooperatively or semi-cooperatively defend a remote village for three days and three nights.

Knight Tales is a great mix of genres; character-building, set-collection, a tower defence mechanism with a puzzly twist, as well as the possibility to fulfill daily quests and gain renown make each game a truly unique experience.

A wide diversity of interacting monster effects, a clever system of spending fatigue, losing health and unleashing wrath as well as a doom mechanism that empowers the bosses triggering their own deck of tactic cards unfolds into a challenging puzzle that you will need to solve in order to be victorious.

Play Modes: Solo, Co-op & Semi Co-op

Complexity: Medium

Available Languages: English, German

Mechanisms: Character Building, Tower Defense, Set Collection, Resource Management

Features: Immersive Game Components, Adjustable Difficulty Levels, Ever-Changing Puzzles and Combinations, High Player Interaction, Infinite Replayability