“The Eight-Legged Goddess” adventure set consists of three new, consecutive adventures that may be played individually or as a campaign.

The adventure begins in 1803 on an archipelago in the South China Sea near the Philippines. You will find yourself chasing after a group of pirates, but you will soon face a much more dangerous threat.
All adventures in this set use their own exploration, minion and boss cards.  In addition, “The Eight-Legged Goddess” campaign comes with its own six locations and their related reference cards.
Will you be able to discover the whereabouts of the pirates? Or will you be entangled in the dense jungles of this unknown archipelago that seems to be the source of a strange and obscene spider cult?


15,00 €Price
  • The Isles of Terror base game is required for play.

    • 2 Adventure Books (EN & DE)
    • 1 Terror Board
    • 2x 36 Exploration Cards (EN & DE)
    • 2x 20 Minion Cards (EN & DE)
    • 2x 6 Location Cards (EN & DE)
    • 6 Location Tiles
    • 3 Terror Tokens
    • 3 Terror Level Tokens
    • 1 Scenario Tokens
    • 46 Poison, Antidote & Web Tokens