All-in bundle for Isles of Terror including the KS exclusive "The Emerald Brood" and "Tales from the Isles of Terror" expansions.


Embark on a sinister adventure and explore the uncharted Isles of Terror.

It is the 18th century and rumors of great wealth and fortune have led the exploration teams of four nations to embark on a journey to the uncharted Isles of Terror.

There awaits unspeakable horrors summoned by the savage natives and a constant struggle for survival against the isles themselves as well as the other exploration teams.

In Isles of Terror 1-4 players each control an exploration team of one of the four existing factions. Every turn players may land with new recruits, gold and food at the shores of the isle used for play and will strengthen their troops already exploring the island.

While discovering the isle, the players must face dangerous encounters and fight against each other to gain control of the different areas an benefit from their resources.

Isles of Terror is a story-driven strategy game with an exploration system that changes the geography of the isle with each game played.


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    • 1 Isles of Terror
    • 1 Isles of Terror Miniatures Pack
    • 1 Tales from the Isles of Terror Adventure Book (KS Exclusive)
    • 1 The Emerald Brood Adventure Expansion (KS Exclusive)
    • 1 The Eight-Legged Goddess Adventure Expansion
    • 1 The Wokou Faction Expansion
    • 1 The Kolonial Korps Faction Expansion
    • 1 The Wokou Miniatures Pack
    • 1 The Kolonial Korps Miniatures Pack