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Write your own tale in this intense tower-defense game featuring set collection and character building.

For centuries the kingdom was at war, but once again the realm of men prevailed against the evil hordes of darkness. Victory came at a high cost. The capital is devastated, the king is dead and his only heir, the prince, has been heavily wounded.

As knights of honor, you are sworn to protect the prince and make sure his bloodline continues. You have escaped from battle and hidden in a remote village, but you fear that your presence will not remain unnoticed.

You are the last barrier between hope and chaos. Can you withstand the hordes of darkness, protect the helpless and defend the throne?




A hand management card game of chaotic apprentices  summoning their magical familiars.

Exchange the right spells, summon magical creatures and win the secret contest of the wizards’ apprentices - the FLAUTZ!

As a panicking apprentice 2-10 players attempt to get hold of appropriate scrolls to summon their familiars. The one with the mightiest spell is able to win a match and gain one of the magic crystals. But the contest is not over yet and lasts until one lucky player managed to collect a total of 3 magic crystals.

"...a game for everyone..."

- Voodoo Games


Add a sinister twist, 3 new arena cards and 5 Necronomicon special cards to your games of FLAUTZ!


2 new apprentices with special rules brought their 3 voodoo doll special cards with them and continue the contest in a whole new voodoo arena.


Embark on a sinister adventure and explore the uncharted Isles of Terror.

In Isles of Terror 1-6 players each control an exploration team of one of the four existing factions. Every turn players may land with new recruits, gold and food at the shores of the isle used for play and will strengthen their troops already exploring the island.


While discovering the isle, the players must face dangerous encounters and fight against each other to gain control of the different areas an benefit from their resources.


Isles of Terror is a story-driven strategy game with an exploration system that changes the geography of the isle with each game played.


A cards´n´dice game set in a unique interapocalyptic dieselpunk universe.

In XIBALBA 2 to 4 players (or more with a second copy) take the roles of one of eight unique mercenary captains, determined to gather resources and expand their bases with soldier, civilian, and structure cards.

Gain control over the contested ark, attack your enemies to weaken them, and loot the alien resource paragon in order to win the game!

The game duration is adjustable and you can have quick and fun games as well as challenging long sessions.

"...King of Tokyo for adults..."

- Lance Myxter, Undead Viking

Xibalba: Generals

Attaches a headquarters board to your base to store general cards and raid dice. Both are used for a new game mechanism which enables you to raid on your opponents!

Xibalba: Tactics

Tactics is the first mini-expansion for Xibalba. It adds 32 new event cards to your game and offers a lot more interesting choices and strategic possibilities.

Karnivore Koala

A cards´n´dice game set in a post-eucalyptic world in which 2-6 players are on the hunt for mutant animals.

Each player controls one koala king and builds up a tribe by placing workbears, villagebears and huntbears in it.


Rolling and re-rolling the 5 special dice allows a player to activate their koala's special effects.


Backstabbears will be used to foil each player`s plans and deny their victory.

The first player that was able to hunt an appetizer, a main dish and a dessert pleased their king and wins the game!

"...just a stunning looking game..."

- Zee Garcia, The Dice Tower

Karnivore Koala: Insects

The hunt for mutated insects has begun and offers you 18 new animal, 16 new worker, and 5 new Koala King cards.

Karnivore Koala: Graverobbear

An exclusive expansion featuring 62 new cards (6 Kings, 52 koalas, 4 animals) that also allows games of up to 10 players.

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