Generals is the first expansion for XIBALBA. It will add new cards and additional rules to your base game, making it even more fun and strategic.


Attach a headquarters board to your base that allows you to store general cards and raid dice.Both are used for a new game mechanism which enables you to raid on your opponents!

There are 12 different generals you can purchase, each one with a unique effect and, in addition, elite soldiers that can act as a bodyguard and protect your general from being assassinated.

Hire your general and raid on your enemies!


20,00 € Regular Price
5,00 €Sale Price
  • The Xibalba base game is required for play.

    • 1 Rule Sheet
    • 4 Player Boards
    • 1 Deck Board
    • 2 Raid Dice
    • 48 General Cards
    • 32 Elite Soldier Cards
    • 8 Event Cards