Exchange the right spells, summon magical creatures and win the secret contest of the wizards’ apprentices - the FLAUTZ!


As a panicking apprentice 2-10 players attempt to get hold of appropriate scrolls to summon their familiars. Through exchanging cards in hand with spell cards in the center of the table, players gather either spell cards of the same color with consecutive values or spell cards of different colors with the same value.


The purpose is to have the highest rated spell with the most summoned familiars by the end of the last game round. A so called FLAUTZ! promises the best chance of winning a match and may end it prematurely. In the end, the winner of the competition is the player with the most points or the most magic crystals, depending on the mode of play.



12,00 €Price
    • 5 Rulesheets (EN, DE, FR, IT, ES)
    • 3 Arena Cards
    • 10 Apprentice Cards
    • 58 Spell Cards
    • 25 Magic Crystals
    • 1 Scorepad
    • 1 Pencil