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September 1, 2018

Our latest game FLAUTZ! is now available for PRE-ORDER at our SHOP!


Reason enough to take a closer look at what awaits you in FLAUTZ!


 FLAUTZ! – The wizards, witches, druids, faeries and necromants from the Magic Academy of Rolzberg call it their traditional gathering.

During this event, you and the other apprentices transform the study of the mage tower into your own arena and contend in a most secret competition!
It’s now time to impress the other participants by summoning magical creatures – the familiars. This would have been a simple task, but for an errant training spell that swirled the magic scrolls of all attendees throughout the room!
Since you have very little time until the masters return from their gathering, everyone is desperately trying to catch some of the scrolls and cast their spells (even though not all of them are from their own collection…).

You might still be able to triumph in the FLAUTZ!. Equally this may possibly end in total chaos…


As a panicking apprentice 2-10 players attempt to get hold of appropriate scrolls to summon their familiars. Through exchanging cards in hand with spell cards in the center of the table, players gather either spell cards of the same color with consecutive values or spell cards of different colors with the same value.

The purpose is to have the highest rated spell with the most summoned familiars by the end of the last game round. A so called FLAUTZ! promises the best chance of winning a match and may end it prematurely. In the end, the winner of the competition is the player with the most points or the most magic crystals, depending on the mode of play.



FLAUTZ! is a great game for everyone! It has lightweight rules so even children could play it. But it still allows expert gamers to experience the same fun! FLAUTZ! is played in several matches and each match lasts about 5 minutes, so it is a great game for playing in between, while waiting for the pizza delivery guy or for bringing it to friends and family and have some casual game sessions or even a whole evening of fun.



Each copy of FLAUTZ! comes with rules for 5 languages: English, German, French, Italian and Spanish.



If you suffer from Color Vision Deficiency you will be happy to know that FLAUTZ! also uses symbols to distinguish the 5 different card colors.



The PRE-ORDER start of FLAUTZ! is accompanied by two expansions, the NECRONOMICON and the VOODOO expansions.


You can PRE-ORDER them separately at a discountet price in our SHOP or you can get all the FLAUTZ! products in one handy bundle at a special price of €12,50! Even better: worldwide shipping costs will only be €3,50!





To celebrate the PRE-ORDER of FLAUTZ! we have also reduced all the prices for our other games! This way those of you who are interested in our other games will have the chance to purchase them at a very special price! But better hurry! We are basically selling our last items of these games and the deals are only available for AS LONG AS OUR STOCKS LAST!




Thanks so much!

- Voodoo Games


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