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January 23, 2018

Ahoi expedition members!


The sails have been set and we are heading to the ISLES OF TERROR!




We have spent the last couple of months preparing for this moment and we are hiring new crew members to join us on our expedition.


Do you have what it takes to sign on and accompany us on our journey? Maybe a little sign-on bonus from the captain can entice you:


All those that come aboard within the next 72h will receive some additional notes that lead them to new adventures!


We will need all the support we can get to deal with the dangers of this expedition, so let us stand together against the horrors of the ISLES OF TERROR!



The ISLES OF TERROR kickstarter campaign will be live from now on until February 20th at 9pm CEST. We have two different pledge levels waiting for you. The first option is the EXPLORER pledge for all those that just want to go with the base game. Option 2 is the CONQUEROR pledge for all that enjoy using plastic miniatures in their board games.


As an early bird special, we are giving away a FREE copy of the adventure book add-on “Tales from the Isles of Terror” to all backers who sign on in the first 72h ! This adventure book includes three new adventures to expand your games of ISLES OF TERROR and getting it for free saves you €5.


I think everything else you need about ISLES OF TERROR is best shown in the campaign itself:



Your support is greatly appreciated and we are looking forward to run another smooth kickstarter campaign together with you!


Thanks so much!

- Voodoo Games


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