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SPIEL 2017

October 15, 2017

SPIEL 2017 is in sight and we are all pretty excited about it! As you know SPIEL 2017 in Essen/Germany is the biggest public game fair worldwide and if you can manage to go there, you definetely should! It is absolutely worth it!


Not only will you be able to meet tons of publishers but you will also have the chance to play and check out all their upcoming games. Of course, this is also true for Voodoo Games!


This year we have expanded our booth from 10m² to 20m² which means that we will finally have more space to present our games in a more professional manner. Thanks to that we could also manage to move from one of the "not so popular" halls at the very end of the fair to an awesome spot in hall 2 which happens to be one of the three main halls of the fair that attract the most people.


So what can you expect?


We are located in HALL 2 at BOOTH 2B139. We will have two tables demoing XIBALBA as it did not get the attention we wished for last year and we are hoping that our new spot will help us to give it much more exposure. If you didn´t have the chance to play XIBALBA yet, we welcome you to a demo game with us!


In addition all the fans of Karnivore Koala will have the chance to purchase the new expansion called INSECTS as well as the exclusive GRAVEROBBEAR expansion.


The main attraction will be our biggest and especially decorated demo table for our upcoming game ISLES OF TERROR.



We are very proud to finally be able to present the game on which we have worked on intensively in the past years. ISLES OF TERROR is our biggest project so far and we have taken great care in producing a worthy prototype in order to grant you the best game experience at the fair.


Since we will launch the ISLES OF TERROR kickstarter campaign about a week or two after SPIEL, we wanted to make sure you can get an update on the final golive date and follow our campaign. Therefore you can sign up to our dedicated ISLES OF TERROR NEWSLIST directly at the booth and earn yourself a 10% voucher for our webshop. This offer is also valid online and you can just click HERE to sign up and get your 10% voucher.


We really hope you can manage to come by our booth and have a chat or game with us!


See you all at SPIEL 2017 from the 26th-29th OCTOBER in HALL 2, BOOTH 2B139!


Thank you and best regards

- André

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