Embark on sinister adventures in this 1-6 player story-driven strategy game of exploration and conquest.


Isles of Terror can be experienced as a competitive or a cooperative/solo game by 1-4 players (up to 6 players with faction expansions). Each game is based on an adventure with an overarching storyline that can either be played separately or as part of a linked campaign.


You will need to explore different isles and overcome their dangers in the form of minions, terrors, seasonal events, and unforeseen situations. Carefully manage your resources as you advance deeper into the jungles through fighting or negotiating with its inhabitants in order to gain control of the areas, to raise camps, and to strengthen your position.


In the end, earning victory points is essential to win the game and they can be earned in many different ways. E.g. by following the given scenario objectives, focusing on progress tasks and completing missions. Now it is up to you to evolve a strategy and bravely lead your expedition into the unknown regions of the Isles of Terror.


50,00 €Price
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    • 2 Rulebooks (EN & DE)
    • 2 Adventure Books "The Dagger of Tza'Tanosh" (EN & DE)
    • 1 Double-Sided Game Board
    • 4 Double-Sided Player Boards
    • 1 Double-Sided Terror Board
    • 72 Wooden Character, Camp and Ship Meeples
    • 20 Wooden Victory Disc Tokens
    • 8 Custom Attack Dice (2x D8, 6x D6)
    • 8 Custom Defense Dice (2x D8, 6x D6)
    • 60 Area Tiles
    • 22 Terrain Tiles
    • 15 Location Tiles
    • 10 Sea Tiles
    • 1 Starting Player Token
    • 80 Resource Tokens
    • 12 Action Tokens
    • 12 Success Tokens
    • 1 Year Token
    • 3 Terror Tokens
    • 3 Terror Level Tokens
    • 11 Progress Tokens
    • 2 Scenario Tokens
    • 136 Cards (EN)
    • 136 Cards (DE)
    • 6 Cotton Bags for Storing Terrain Tiles, Locations and Factions