Karnivore Koala Insects Bundle - Pre-Order

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Get the Karnivore Koala base game and the Insects expansion in a special bundle while stocks last.

30.00 €
30.00 €
Get the Karnivore Koala base game and the Insects expansion in a special bundle while stocks last.


Build your tribe
Hunt Mutant Animals
Cook your Koala King’s favorite dishes
And become the ultimate Karnivore Koala!

Karnivore Koala is a fun and fast game that is easy to learn and hard to resist.

2-6 players each try to manage a tribe of Koalas and hunt for mutant animals in order to cook an appetizer, a main dish, and a dessert for their Koala King.

Use villagebears to support your tribe, workbears that grant you animal knowledge, huntbears to track down mutant animals, and backstabbears to spoil the plans of your enemies.

With each turn you will roll the five dice that will either support your plans with different actions or possibilities to activate your koala’s special effects, or unluckily doom some of your koalas to starve to death...


The hunt for mutated insects has begun and offers you 18 new animals, 16 new workers, and 5 new koala kings.

In this expansion you will have a new type of animal to hunt: the insects. They all have an insect symbol that you will need to match in order to hunt them, thus bringing the variety of different animal symbols up to 5. But don´t worry, you will have new worbears as well that will help you gathering the symbols you need for your hunt! And in addition there are five new koala kings, each one adding a specific animal symbol to your pool when being activated.
Genre cards'n'dice, light strategy, fun
Languages English, German, French
Players 2-10
Ages 8+
Duration 20-40 minutes
Content Karnivore Koala
1x Rulebook
5x Engraved 20mm Dice
6x Koala King cards
18x Mutant Animal cards
104x Koala cards

Insects Expansion
18x Mutant Animal cards
16x Workbear cards
6x Koala King cards
Notes This product contains small parts not suitable for children under 3 years.